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          Skipjack Tuna

          English name: Skipjack Tuna
          Latin name: Katsuwonus pelamis
          Japanese: カツオ
          Available specifications: 500/750,750/1000,1000/1500,1500/3000
          Freezing treatment: frozen
          Packing: 15 kg/carton or according to customer requirements
          Freezing method: ship freezing/land freezing
          Warranty date: 540 days
          made in China

          Food nutrition

          Fat 0.5 g
          Saturated fatty acids 0.1 g
          Polyunsaturated fatty acids 0.1 g
          Monovalent unsaturated fatty acids 0.1 g
          Cholesterol 60 mg
          Sodium 43 mg
          Potassium 430 mg
          Carbohydrate  0.1 g
          Water-soluble food dimensionality  0 g
          Insoluble food dimensionality  0 g
          Protein 26 g
          Vitamin C 0 mg
          Iron 1.9 mg
          Vitamin B6 0.8 mg
          Magnesium 42 mg
          Calcium 11 mg
          Vitamin D 4 µg
          Cobalamin 8.4 µg

          Features and value

                 Bonito is a species that can be fished in the ocean. The length is 1 meter, the body is fusiform, blue, stout, without scales, the body surface is smooth, and the tail fin is very developed. The main feature is that there are several longitudinal dark stripes on the abdomen of the body and linear stripes on the dorsal side. Bonito dorsal fins have 8 to 9 small fins; anal fin rays 14 to 15 and 8 to 9 small fins. The caudal fin is crescent-shaped, with 4 to 7 longitudinal stripes on the side of the body, the back of the body is blue-brown, the abdomen is silvery, each fin is light gray, the head is large, the snout is large, and the tail is small. Except for the scaly lines near the pectoral fins, the rest are exposed. The older one is more than 1 meter long, and the general body length is 400 to 500 mm. Bonito is a very important economic fish with good taste. It can be made into bonito, canned and sashimi. It has a record of ciguatera poison.
                  Bonito is the main target of tuna purse seine, as well as trolling and drift netting. Like tuna, it is an important economic fish in the ocean. It can be eaten fresh or made salty and dried. The world's major fishing countries use bonito to process canned products, which are very popular in European and American markets. Bonito is distributed in a wide range. There are traces of bonito in waters where the water temperature is higher than 15 degrees Celsius in the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean, and the reserves are abundant and the development and utilization prospects are still optimistic.

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