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        2.        Establish in 2005, Zhoushan Boda Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd. is a model non-affiliated enterprise focuses on manufacture, purchase ,sales ,frozen storage and service of Aquatic products. We have one wholly owned subsidiary: Zhoushan Boye Aquatic Products Co.,Ltd. As one of the largest Aquatic suppliers in China, we devote to providing comprehensive Aquatic products for domestic and foreign market.
                 With more than 15 years experience in seafood business ,our company has an area of 28000 square meters plants. We have our own processing factory , refrigerating plants , vessels and discharge dock.Our processing factory has the facility of automatic drying production lines, automatic production lines, sterile production plants, laboratories and other advanced hardware facilities. Our refrigerating plants can stock more than 25000 tons of frozen fish. 
                 Our main seafood includes pacific mackerel, horse mackerel, bonito, pacific saury, skip jack tuna,long tail tuna,yellow tail, frozen squid,  frozen shrimp etc. The annual production capacity is more than 50000 tons.The products have been exported to the  Vietnam,Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand , France, Italy, France, Poland, Lithuania ,Ukrainian etc. All the products are processed under strict control of HACCP,FDA or EU standard,which insures hygiene, safe and green products,together with efficient and outstanding service
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